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Harriet Lothrop’s desire was to reach out to all youth in America and educate them on the sacrifices and accomplishments of those brave Patriots who fought and served to make this a free and great country.  In addition, her desire was to foster patriotism and nurture leadership in America’s youth.  N.S.C.A.R. uses your financial contributions to accomplish these goals by increasing our outreach and education to all youth with the added goal of membership expansion.  

We have many ways for you to support C.A.R.'s mission. Please take some time to look through the options and help support our mission today!

If you would like to donate by phone, or receive more information, please call the N.S.C.A.R. Headquarters Office at (202) 638-3153.


Become a Star Supporter Today

Our Star Supporters make the commitment to give monthly at a rate of their choice to aid the society in all their endeavors. Your donations as a Star Supporter will be entered into your Major Donor Circle of Giving Record. Our Star Supporters make it so that we can continue putting on events and programs that help our members to learn and grow into the strong leaders.

You are able to support these three funds monthly as a Star Supporter:

  • General Operating Fund
  • National Endowment Fund
  • Niebell Endowment Fund
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Give a One Time Donation

With your support, C.A.R. continues to develop good citizens and train leaders at all levels of the Society. Your donation supports the development of programs and events aimed at teaching the future leaders of our organization and leaders of our country. We have many funds that you can choose to give to today and in the future. 

Your donations to C.A.R. support:

  • Program Development
  • C.A.R. National Convention and other events
  • Headquarters Staff and Equipment
  • Information Technology Services and upgrades
  • And so much more!
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Honor a Member and Purchase a Pin Today

Many of our funds can also be supported through purchasing one of our many pins. C.A.R. offers several pins to honor and reward accomplishments of members in C.A.R. as they work hard throughout each year to accomplish their projects. Each pin purchase goes directly to a fund associated with the pin. If you are looking to give to mountain schools, the magazine, C.A.R. museum, or even help with member travel expenses; purchasing a pin is the way to go.


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Purchase a Charm Bracelet Today

Last year C.A.R. began selling charm bracelets and is adding charms each year. Start your charm collection today!

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National sales items

Support this year's National Project by purchasing this year's sales items. There are lots of fun things to purchase this year and wear on tour to show your support for C.A.R. this summer.

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Donate to DAR and Help C.A.R.

When you donate to Friends of the C.A.R. fund through DAR your efforts will support C.A.R. and become eligible to earn the pin! Read more about it here

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