Support CAR!

Niebell Endowment Fund

The Eleanor Smallwood Niebell Endowment Fund was established in June 1994. Mrs. Niebell, an Honorary Senior National President, donated $100,000 to establish this restricted fund. The principal is held in perpetuity and invested, with the income used for personnel expenses.


General / Operating Fund

The unrestricted Operating Fund supports the general operations of the National Society. The Operating Fund is available as needed for the use of the National Society. Your donations go towards program development, event facilitation, information technology, and much more.


Celebrate C.A.R. Fund

A fund created during the 125th Anniversary of C.A.R. that provides funds for future celebrations of N.S.C.A.R. Please consider giving today to help us continue celebrating our biggest milestones as an organization.


National Endowment Fund

The National Endowment Fund ensures the N.S.C.A.R. can train good citizens for generations to come. The principal of the Fund is held in perpetuity and invested so that the Fund income will be available to support the work of the N.S.C.A.R. now and in the future. Learn more about it's history here.


Patron Donation

Each year C.A.R. offers an annual National Convention where C.A.R. programs are offered to attendees. Patron donations help to put on the event each year and ensure attendees have a chance to grow their fellowship with other members and develop their skills in public speaking and teamwork.


National Project Fund

Donations to the National Project Fund will go directly towards supporting current ongoing National Project. This is in addition to purchasing sales items. See the National Project page for specifics on this year's National Project.