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  • On March 30, 2019, the Brewster Baker Society of the Children of the American Revolution held its organizing meeting in Port Charlotte, Florida. The Hickory Bluff Chapter NSDAR is the sponsoring organization. Melissa Othon, Vice Regent of the Hickory Bluff Chapter presented the new society members with a gavel. The officers of the society were installed and a luncheon celebration was held. We were honored to have the Florida Senior State President, State President, State First Vice President-Elect and Senior State Bylaws Chair in attendance.
    brewster baker society 1.jpg
    Brewster Baker Society organizing meeting
    brewster baker society 2.jpg
    Brewster Baker Society gavel presentation

  • February 26, 2019-  Sevier Station Society members, Jordyn , Maddie and Ashley visited the Captain William Edmiston Chapter DAR meeting at the Clarksville Montgomery County Public Library to describe the C.A.R. Hindman donation drive. The featured speaker was Hindman Settlement School Director, Mr. Josh Mullins, who showcased the tutoring programs, cultural heritage programs, and farming assistance project for residents in this Central Appalachian region. In addition to a financial donation, our members were delighted to donate a multitude of items from the Hindman "wish list".
    sevier station dar visit feb 2019.jpg
    Sevier Station Society DAR visit February 2019

  • I.S.C.A.R.  members had the honor of placing a wreath at the “Wall that Heals”. The wall that heals is a traveling mini version of the Vietnam Memorial intended to allow people who cannot afford the travel to D.C. a way to see the memorial. I.S.C.A.R. State president Jacob Shadinger was included in the ceremony and all of the members in attendance had a wonderful time honoring our Vietnam veterans by placing flags at the base of the wall. I hope everyone takes the time to see when the wall will be in your area, and I urge you to attend the beautiful ceremony.

    Jacob Shadinger
    I.S.C.A.R. State President
    Iowa members visit the Wall That Heals.jpeg
    Iowa members visit the Wall That Heals
    Iowa State President at the Wall That Heals.jpeg
    Iowa State President at the Wall That Heals

  • Connecticut State President Braden Wallace and his brother, Callen, recently visited the Brevard Veterans Memorial & Museum on Merritt Island, FL. They were happy to find a memorial placed by the SAR and DAR Societies. The memorial reads:

    American Revolutionary War


    Dedicated to all our patriot ancestors

    who sacrificed their lives, families and

    fortunes to secure our


    Sponsored by Brevard County Chapters

    of the Daughters and Sons of the American Revolution

    The Brevard Veterans Memorial Center (VMC) is a non-profit organization with one goal in mind…TO SERVE OUR VETERANS!

    CT members find a DAR and SAR memorial.jpg
    CT members find a DAR and SAR memorial
    Brevard Veterans Memorial.jpg
    Brevard Veterans Memorial

  • Seven Caves Society, New Mexico, just wrapped up an eighteen month community service project started under Society President, Ryan W., and completed under Society President, Samantha S.  Seven Caves collected and donated 100+ books for the New Mexico Children's Home, Portales, NM, for their Learning Center. Nina M. and Caitlyn S. also collected and donated books
    seven caves society book donation.jpeg
    Seven Caves Society book donation

  • February 16, 2019- Sevier Station Society visited the Veterans Memorial Park located at the Montgomery County Veterans Plaza in Clarksville, TN. Members admired the statue and tribute wall that honors veterans of all wars. President, Thomas Grubbs and society members decided to submit the memorial park to the American Legion sponsored online nationwide directory. Members will make future submissions to the site to ensure that our local statues and memorials are recognized throughout the nation.
    sevier station 1.jpeg
    Sevier Station Society honors veterans 1
    sevier station 2.jpeg
    Sevier Station Society honors veterans 2

  • The Ozark Society Children of the American Revolution, Harrison, Arkansas, delivered Valentines for Veterans to the new VA Medical Center located at the Ozark Crossing Plaza.  They were given a tour of the new facility by Keisha Reid, Administrative Officer for Primary Care (VA Healthcare of the Ozarks, Fayetteville) and Contracting Officer for the Harrison Facility.  The members left a banner and basket of handmade Valentines to be distributed on February 14.  They then visited Hillcrest Home where they honored 10 veterans,( 9 male and 1 female Code-talker)  Valentines and Hershey Hugs were

    handed out to all residents.

    A card was included with each hand-made Valentine which expressed the Society's hope the Valentine brought joy to
    the recipient and thanked them for their service.

    Cathy Carter

    Senior Society President

    Ozark Society

    ozark society 1.jpeg
    Ozark Society Valentines 1
    ozark society 2.jpeg
    Ozark Society Valentines 2
    ozark society 3.jpeg
    Ozark Society Valentines 3

  • Members of the Minnesota Society CAR work together to tie blankets for the children staying at the Fisher House while their parent is recovering at the Veterans Hospital in Minneapolis.
    minnesota fisher house.jpeg
    Minnesota supports Fisher House

  • At the Andrew Jackson State Park annual event, “Life in the Waxhaws Lantern Tours”, the Martha Bratton Society volunteered as tour guides and portrayed historical characters from the early settlement of the Waxhaws in the Carolinas and described events which influenced the Waxhaws before and during the American Revolution.   As living history actors, the society’s members portrayed Andrew Jackson’s cousins as their family traveled along the Great Wagon Road, acted in a scene in which an uncle recovered from a wound in the American Revolution, and acted in a scene in which Andrew Jackson and his brother, Robert, are captured by the British and imprisoned in Camden, SC.    The tour guide provided historical context and background information for each scene as tour groups traveled back in time to the 18th century.

    By Gabe and Gray Bobo

    Martha Bratton Society (SC)

    life in the waxhaws 1.jpeg
    Life in the Waxhaws 1
    life in the waxhaws 2.jpeg
    Life in the Waxhaws 2

  • I would like to share a few of my thoughts on Patriotism.  I am a proud member of the C.A.R. as well as the DAR and obviously one of our big messages is Patriotism.  But what is that, what does it mean, and what does it look like?

    The NY State project aligns very nicely with the National project in that both focus on giving back, especially to our veterans.  Our war veterans have literally put their lives on the line for our country since our country's foundation.  Vets deserve our respect and they deserve our care once they come home.  They should be taken care of and always have a place to live, medical care, and food.  Fighting for our country and our freedoms is probably the highest form of Patriotism.


    However, there are many people who can not fight for our country.  So, how can they show that they are Patriotic?  How can they show a love for this Nation?  By giving back.  We can all give back, not only to our veterans but to our communities.  By giving aid to our own people in our own communities, we can show our love for our own people and our Nation.  When we take care of our own, we show that we value our country and the people in it.  Not everyone can enlist in the military, or run for political office, or work for our government.  But we can all give back to our community in which we live. There are people in need all over and there are facilities to help them that are always looking for donations and volunteers. Make it a priority to find out where you can help and how you can help your own community members who are in need.


    When we take care of our own, we strengthen our country, and that is Patriotism. I am proud to be a Patriot.  I am proud to be a C.A.R. member. And I am proud to be an American.

    In true Patriotism and love of country,

    Bridget Lasky

    New York State President