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  • Maine C.A.R. is excited to say that the groundwork is being laid to reorganize two local societies. In early December, Senior National Honorary Vice President and Honorary State and Senior State President Adam Bartow spoke with the Esther Eayres Chapter, DAR about their efforts to reorganize the John Marsh Society in Orono. The members were very interested in the talk, asking many good questions, and they have already lined up nearly enough members! Look for the official reorganization process to start soon!

  • The Charles Merriman Society, CT hosted a  program A Place Called Hope that is a rehabilitation and education center for birds of prey for the Roger Sherman Chapter NSDAR annual holiday luncheon. Charles Merriman Society was thrilled to receive a Proclamation in celebration of Kids Helping Kids from Pete Bass, Mayor of New Milford. Members raised funds for Horns4Kids and collected toys for ALICE (Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed) struggling families in the community will have a little brighter holiday. The Charles Merriman Society theme is “ First Responders,” members decorated 10 dozen cookies that will be enjoyed by the police and fire departments.
    Charles Merriman A Place Called Hope 1.jpg
    Charles Merriman A Place Called Hope 2.jpg
    Charles Merriman cookies.jpg
    Charles Merriman proclamation.jpg

  • Merry Christmas from the RI C.A.R.!
    As part of the RI State Project, ‘Digitalizing History’, RI C.A.R. members and seniors participated in the Colonial Yuletide celebration held annually at the Varnum House Museum. Children and seniors served as docents in the C.A.R. Children’s Room, gave guided tours of the General’s study and played Christmas music for guests. The project supports the education pillar of the state project and the national project ‘Foundations of Freedom’.
    Varnum House Yuletide 3.jpg
    Varnum House Yuletide 4.jpg

  • Fort Watauga Society, TN hosted a public tea at Sycamore Shoals State Historic Park in November with their honored guest, "Mary Ball Washington".  Customs of an 18th century tea were discussed and we used George Washington's "Rules of Civility"  and K. Walters' book, "Tea in 18th Century America" for reference.   Members of 5 DAR Chapters and 2 SAR Chapters attended.
    FWS Tea w MBW.jpg
    Gideon Profile.jpg
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    Pearl Profile.jpg

  • The 194th National Guard Engineer Brigade left for a year’s deployment “down range” on October 27 at 6:00 a.m. The President of the Pinson Mounds Society, TN Society attended and thanked those being deployed. Pictured with C.A.R. member is MSG Carrie Ann Davis.
    Deployment 1.jpg
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  • The Pinson Mounds Society, TN Vice President, C.A.R. member and Senior Society President, along with the Jackson-Madison Chapter NSDAR, “packed” a Little Library in downtown Jackson and gave donations to Safe Hope Family Justice Center on October 11, DAR’s Day of Service.
    Day of Service 1.jpg
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  • Pinson Mounds State Archaeological Park held its 37th Annual Archofest September 21. During the event, Pinson Mounds Society members watched American Indians perform songs and dances, played American Indian games, and ate authentic America Indian tacos.
    Archeofest 1.jpg
    Archeofest 3.jpg

  • The Pinson Mounds Society was represented at the TSDAR Constitution Week Bell Ringing at the Tennessee State Capital on September 15, 2019 by two members and two seniors along with members of our sponsoring chapter Jackson-Madison Chapter NSDAR. After the program all members of the T.S.C.A.R. rang the replica Liberty Bell and had a joint meeting.

    On September 17, 2019, the Pinson Mounds Society President participated with the Jackson-Madison Chapter NSDAR in their Constitution Week Bell Ringing event and reading of the Amendments. She read Amendment III during the reading of The Bill of Rights.
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    liberty bell.jpg

  • The Pinson Mounds Society President attended the James Madison Chapter SAR meeting on September 8 along with members of the Jackson-Madison Chapter NSDAR. The meeting was very emotional as there was a tribute to Compatriot John McCutchen. Attendees also learned about the involvement of SAR in the State of Tennessee.
    CAR DAR SAR meeting.jpg
    SAR meeting 1.jpg

  • One member of Pinson Mounds Society, Tennessee was able to attend the Bemis Historical Society meeting on August 20. During the meeting Ricky Long presented a program about “More Than Names on a Wall, The World War II Dead of Madison County, Tennessee”. This presentation gave a look at the 179 heroes of Madison County who gave their lives for our freedom in World War II. Alyvia learned information about her great-great uncle Paul Haggard who died in Germany during the war.
    WWII event.jpg