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  • Members of the Fort Ouiatenon Society, Indiana stopped at two cemeteries, took updated GPS info and pictures for the INSAR Patriot Graves Initiative with the William Henry Harrison Chapter NSSAR . Pictured are Landen, Katelin and Ben assisting.
    Fort Ouiatenon Society marks graves.jpg
    Fort Ouiatenon Society marks graves

  • On August 11, 2019, Francis Hopkinson Society visited the Moland House in Hartsville, Pennsylvania, for an educational and fun packet planning event. Members watched a video about the Moland House and learned about efforts made to preserve its important history. We toured the home, which was General Washington's Headquarters for 13 days during the Revolutionary War and where Washington first met Count Pulaski. We also practiced our teamwork skills at our exciting Laser Tag event on Sunday, September 8, 2019. Our society is proud to be a Force on the Move! 

  • The Tennessee Society Children of the American Revolution held its State Summer Packet meeting July 26th and 27th 2019 in Lebanon, TN. State officers and Chairman presented their programs based on the Foundations of Freedom National Program Packet. Members participated in workshops Friday night, packet presentations Saturday morning and a tour of Fiddlers Grove Historic Village in Lebanon Saturday afternoon where they met living historian, Mr. Sam Houston and the local schoolmarm. Tennessee’s DAR State Regent Cecile Wimberley attended the Packet meeting with her children of the Rocky Mount Society.

    Tennessee 2019 summer packet meeting 1.jpg
    Tennessee 2019 summer packet meeting 1
    Tennessee 2019 summer packet meeting 2.jpg
    Tennessee 2019 summer packet meeting 2

  • The RISSCAR state packet meeting was a success! The children enjoyed hearing about the State and National Projects and the fun activities the State Officers and Chairmen have planned. We continued to learn about George Washington’s Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior, used Kahoot to learn about Robert’s Rules, learned how to organize a meeting agenda, played a leadership themed game of telephone, practiced teamwork with fun games.  Our pee wee Patriot had a special request for Musical Chairs, and we played to the music of “Hamilton”.  A fun and informative time was had by all!
    Rhode Island 2019 summer packet team building.jpg
    Rhode Island 2019 summer packet meeting team building

  • The RISSCAR completed the first pillar of their “Digitalizing History” State Project with the go-live of the state website, www.risscar.org designed by State President, Reed Tremblay.  The site is intended to promote membership in the state society with fun and engaging photos and information and inspirational quotes form George Washington in support of the National Project.  It also serves to “digitalize history” with profiles of members’ Patriots.   For the project, each child created a profile of his or her family’s Patriot to be shared via the site.  This exercise helped members better understand their own connection to the American Revolution.  The State President also used the website to promote supporting organizations such as local Colonial-era museums, DAR, SAR and SR websites.  Some supporting organizations have agreed to link back to the State CAR website to increase search engine rankings for the site.

  • Check out episode 3 of the Jason Russell Society podcast Talking C.A.R.! This month we discuss what next and Constitution Week. Please follow the link below or you can also find us on Spotify or iTunes. 

    talking C.A.R. podcast.jpg
    talking C.A.R. podcast

  • Caleb Cushing Society Members joined South Dakota State Regent Robin Fansler, Laura Ingalls Wilder Chapter President Julie Shrader, and Mary Chilton DAR members in a rock painting event. The kids demonstrated to the DAR ladies how to use the paint pens to create messages about Constitution Week in September. The kids also explained that the finished rocks will be distributed throughout the Sioux Falls area for others to find. Then they post pictures of their finds before hiding them again. The kids liked using the glow in the dark paint too in addition to stickers and patriotic messages #SiouxFallsRocks #605Rocks #MCDAR
    Caleb Cushing rock painting 1.jpg
    Caleb Cushing rock painting 1
    Caleb Cushing rock painting 2.jpg
    Caleb Cushing rock painting 2
    Caleb Cushing rock painting 3.jpg
    Caleb Cushing rock painting 3
    Last reply on September 15, 2019 by Kimberly Denise Tremblay

  • Stones River Society of Murfreesboro, Tennessee held its August meeting on Sunday, August 25th. Members learned about N.S.C.A.R founder Harriett M. Lothrop and celebrated the 125th birthday of C.A.R. with cake and ice cream. Each member received a Tennessee State President Project pin and a Foundations of Freedom button as a gift.
    Stones River Society August 2019.jpg
    Stones River Society August
    Stones River Society 125th cake.jpg
    Stones River Society 125th cake

  • Fort Ouiatenon Society of Lafayette Indiana attended Family Fun Day at the West Lafayette Library on August 26, 2019. They shared a display of American history celebrating US Constitution Week. Members also answered questions about what our society and organization does.

    Pictures show members with: Indiana State Representative Shelia Klinker; Nick Schekel, West Lafayette Library Director; and Scott Tracey, Asst. West Lafayette Director

    Fort Ouiatenon Society fun day 1.jpg
    Fort Ouiatenon Society fun day 1
    Fort Ouiatenon Society fun day 2.jpg
    Fort Ouiatenon Society fun day 2

  • Mitchell Clouse, Long Hunters Society, Honorary K.S.C.A.R. State President, Past N.S.C.A.R. National Officer, graduated from Murray State University in May with a Bachelors Degree in Economics, minor in History.  Mitchell begins the Masters in Economics program at George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia, in August. Long Hunters Society wishes you the best of luck, Mitchell!
    Mitchell Clouse.jpg
    Mitchell Clouse