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N.S.C.A.R. societies across the country are doing great things all year long! Read through the Blog and look at the pictures to learn about what our members are doing and how they are helping to train good citizens and develop leaders.

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Blog posts

  • GA State President David Jimenez brought greetings to the Central East Georgia Societies of Benjamin Fitzpatrick, Eagles of Liberty, Elisha Winn, Liberty Tree, Sukey Hart, and William Daniell as they celebrated C.A.R.’s 125th Birthday. Leaders of these societies presented diverse and interactive programs on American Heritage, National Treasurer, and National Historian. Members enjoyed learning about the significance of historical sites, the impact of women on the foundation and growth of the U.S.A, and the leaders that are featured on our money. Everyone had great FUN celebrating C.A.R.’s 125th Birthday while planning for the National Convention.
    Georgia joint meeting 1.jpg
    Georgia joint meeting 2.jpg
    Georgia cake.jpg

  • Limestone Society, Kentucky member Carter W. is seen playing bingo with veterans at the Ohio Veterans Home in Georgetown, OH on Feb. 15th.  He joined members of his sponsoring DAR chapter for an hour of bingo games with 29 veterans.

  • On August 14, 2019, several members of the PA state society made a trip to the Liberty USO at The Indiantown Gap also known as "The Gap." At the Gap, members handed out bags full of snacks to each soldier that walked through the door on War Fighters Day. These bags were stuffed by the members of PA C.A.R. at the state workshop. At least 200 bags were given out. The soldiers enjoyed receiving the bags after their long day of hard work. The teamwork between the members was awesome to watch. 

    Seniors and the operations manager, Jenna Price, were a huge help in organizing this event. Being able to hand the bags to the soldiers was an amazing experience that brought energy and life into the project.

    PA snack bags 1.jpg
    PA snack bags 2.jpg
    PA snack bags 3.jpg

  • Jackson-Madison Chapter NSDAR donated a Little Free Library to Ayers Children’s Medical Center on February 11, 2020. During the dedication, Pinson Mounds Society President Alyvia Baxter and Vice President Macie Wyatt donated 50 children’s books to the little free library.
    Little Free Library 1.jpg
    Little Free Library 2.jpg
    Little Free Library 3.jpg

  • Virginia State President Madeline Herring and Senior State President Michael Elston represented the C.A.R. at the 130th annual meeting of the Virginia Sons of the American Revolution January 8th.  They presented Col. Peter Davenport, the outgoing 99th President of the Virginia SAR, with the SAR-C.A.R. Bronze Medal of Appreciation.
    Virginia CAR SAR.jpg

  • Honoring the 241st Anniversary of the Battle of Kettle Creek in Washington, GA, members of the  Benjamin Fitzpatrick Society, the Elisha Winn Society, the Hurricane Shoels Society, the Martha Stewart Bulloch Society, and the Sukey Hart Society joined State President, David Jimenez, in the parade, a thirteen flag ceremony, a “Living History” display with colonial crafts, and the reenactment of the battle. This celebration demonstrated the outstanding camaraderie among the C.A.R. societies, the SAR, DAR, and S.R. in honoring Georgia’s patriots.
    Battle of Kettle Creek 1.jpg
    Battle of Kettle Creek 2.jpg
    Battle of Kettle Creek 3.jpg

  • Connecticut State President Dylan Pojano joined the members of the Charles Merriman Society to make Valentine’s For Veterans. It was a huge success, with 215 Valentine Cards and 203 bags of candy that have been distributed to the three VA Hospitals in CT for their Valentines Programs. This annual event is hosted by the Trumbull-Porter Chapter NSDAR. The VFW Auxiliary Post 7330 presented a Certificate of Appreciation to members for their outstanding service. This was the thirteenth year the Charles Merriman Society has volunteered to send a  “little love” to all who served.

    Valentines 1.jpg
    Valentines 2.jpg
    Valentines 3.jpg

  • The Col. Samuel Ward Society of RI hosted a tour of the Tomaquag Museum in Exeter, RI for RI C.A.R. members and families.  The museum Curator, Ms. Loren Spears, a member of the Narragansett-Niantic tribe, shared how the local tribes were impacted by the American Revolution and how some tribal members ultimately fought for the First Rhode Island Regiment under Col. James Mitchell Varnum. In addition to the tour, children participated in a scavenger hunt around the museum and made pinch pots to try to replicate some of the pottery art found throughout the museum.  We even had one prospective member and her DAR mom join us!
    Tomaquag Museum meeting.jpg
    Tomaquag canoe.jpg

  • Members of the Sevier Station Society, TN invited the T.S.C.A.R. State President to a society program meeting at the historic L&N train station in Clarksville, TN. Built in 1882, we were treated to a tour of the depot by local historian and author Carolyn Ferrell. 

    The meeting concluded with C.A.R. members boarding the big red engine outside the station for a final goodbye photograph. Shortly after someone shouted" Hold On! I believe this old train is moving!"
    Train tour 1.jpg
    Train tour 2.jpg

  • Colorado State President Tabitha Balow and 1st VP William D. received from Arvada Mayor Williams a proclamation that February 22, 2020 is Colorado State Society, N.S.C.A.R. Day! This City Council meeting was broadcast on Arvada Channel 8.

    Colorado 1.jpg
    Colorado 2.jpg
    Colorado 3.jpg