"The meetings and activities were always enjoyable thanks to your guidance and ever persistent smile. You pushed me to work hard and to spread the values of C.A.R. to others and for that I am very grateful. I learned a great deal from you and I hope to apply those lessons to my remaining years in C.A.R."

At all levels of C.A.R., enthusiastic and supportive senior leadership is vital to the operation of our organization. Each C.A.R. member can tell you about a senior leader who has provided guidance or helped in some way.

"We help kids learn about what's right with our country. We teach them about patriotism and about Kids helping other kids. We help them learn about the American Indians, children of the mountain schools and conservation. We help them grow into good American citizens."

Senior leaders mentor, demonstrate, guide, lead and encourage C.A.R. members as they conduct activities. No one really learns Roberts Rules of Order overnight, so conducting meetings accordingly requires some assistance! Senior leaders also provide operational assistance through meeting space setup, supply gathering, conference committees, food preparation and member transportation!

"We mentor and mold tomorrow's leaders."

C.A.R. needs senior leaders at all levels, but particularly at the local society level. Senior leaders benefit C.A.R. by implementing their knowledge and skills gained from professions and affiliations with other youth programs.

"We inspire kids to want to learn more about history - not just battles, but food, crafts, daily life. [We] teach them about patriotism, the meaning behind the flag, the salute, why the Constitution is important, what a "patriot" is, and what leadership means. While the kids may be running the meetings, we help steer the direction those meetings take."

Seniors often take pictures and help with the annual documentation required from each local and State Society. Whether the photos are used for contest entries, scrapbooks, or public relations, they are worth a thousand words!

Resources for Senior Leaders are available on the Authorized Users' portion of this Web site.