Each year, the National President creates a National Project and Theme in support of educational programs. Led by the National President and Senior National President, the National Officers, State Presidents, and National Chairmen promote the project and theme throughout the country at the nine regional meetings.


National President David A. Graham

Senior National President Norma L. Griffin


National Theme "America's Lasting Legacy"

America’s Lasting Legacy: Honoring the Sacrifices of America’s Veterans.

C.A.R. will honor American heroes past and present through various activities like volunteering, collecting items to send to deployed service members, or raising funds to support injured veterans.

C.A.R. has two goals to support these activities.

Members will be engaged in fundraising activities to support Hope for the Warriors. Specifically, C.A.R. will be supporting A Warrior’s Wish; a program with the mission to support severely injured veterans in their transition back to civilian life. A Warrior’s Wish honors the sacrifices of our veterans by fulfilling wishes – anything from remodeling a house to be more handi-accessible, purchasing home equipment to help make daily tasks more feasible, or giving startup capital for a veteran’s own program benefiting injured veterans. Our goal is $25,000 raised for A Warrior’s Wish.

C.A.R. also has a second, joint goal. One of C.A.R.’s main tenets is service. Members will get into their communities and find ways to help those less fortunate around their neighborhoods. Each society, each dot on a map is an opportunity to make another difference – even in just one person. C.A.R. is committed to serving our communities and honoring the legacies of our patriots in remembrance of their sacrifices and service to our young country. Our members are excited to help our communities and grow as leaders through their own unique service projects. Our goal is to serve 25,000 hours of community service.

C.A.R. members will celebrate America’s Lasting Legacy as they honor those that put their lives in jeopardy for our freedom. We owe an unpayable debt to them and forever are grateful for their service. C.A.R. is committed to honoring those veterans and further fighting in the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. 

Past National Projects include patriotic efforts such as promoting bonds during World War I and donating an ambulance during World War II.  More recent projects include protecting artifacts uncovered in Mount Vernon's archaeological digs; providing an outdoor classroom at the Independence Park Institute in Philadelphia, PA; and contributing to The National World War II Museum for the acquisition of educational tools and resources for the Student/Teacher Resource Center.